What to do after the death of a loved one?

The hardest thing, coming into contact with the departure of the middle in eternity, it is to be able to retain "clear mind".

Comfortable and sensible solution is to turn to a specialist. Funeral agency "Karāls" will do all documentary formalities and organise the funeral ceremony according to your wishes. Please call us any time, we will help you.

Here You will find the basic information in case of a loved ones death.

  • documentation;
  • if the death occurred in a hospital;
  • if the death occurred at home;
  • if you come into contact with the death of a neighbor, the reason for the mishap, the reason the criminal nature;
  • the most important basics of “stone foundations”, which are necessary to carry out in the world

If the death of loved one occurred at home.

If the death of a close occurred at home, you need to inform the police and the family doctor or emergency medical assistance to that state the fact of death and will give guidance on further actions for the documentary. But often we face problems of various kinds of situation - if the death occurred at night and you call your family doctor, that he should came and gave the certificate of death, then in most cases you will need to wait until morning, because for family physicians legislation does not provide for the mandatory arrival of the dead at night, if the reason for the call is death. As well as the body of the deceased person's delivery to the morgue (if needed) can be a problem, because the vehicle care in practice is not used for the transport of deceased persons. The best option if you can't transport the closest to the deceased in a suitable transport, contact the funeral Agency, which will be paid until the day of the funeral.

If you have to get in touch with the death of relative, who death was the reason of the criminal nature, then the fact and cause of death of the deceased person have already been confirmed and relatives should begin planning the ceremony - arranged with the funeral agency, which, according to your wishes and possibilities, will plan all necessary activities or ring up all the necessary people and arrange funeral "on their own" - agree on transportation and priest, find a place in the cemetery, organize a funeral banquet etc.

If the death occurred in a hospital.

If they died in the hospital, his body was immediately sent to the morgue. Close should go directly to the doctor or to the head office to get a doctor's certificate confirming the death. At practice relatives and doctor decide for holding section. There are cases where the section would have to be necessary (see chapter on transplantation). In other cases, if relatives do not want to partition, you may agree that the section will not be performed. Often relatives to write a statement about why they are asking for section for example there are no clear cause of death or have some suspicion health care.


In each contry there is a certain order as and when you need to arrange all questions connected with registration of the fact of death of the deceased - what kind of documents do I need to file, where to apply, how long do I need to file, a person has the right to do so? What then I need to do? Since the death, the physician writes a certificate of death. Blanks this evidence strict accountability are numbered. If the death occurred in a hospital, the certificate checks out a hospital doctor.

If a person died at home, then the certificate checks out physician or family doctor if he treated the patient and already had a disease that could cause death. Without this certificate (or certificate of death) the morgue will do not accept deceased.

Complications can occur if the doctor did not visited patient. Then the doctor may not prescribe a certificate confirming the death, because the patient's health condition was not known. Then believe that the cause of death is unknown, and, unfortunately, have to call police, the decedent must make forensic medical examination (section). Therefore, the patient should be on time to invite the doctor to have been unnecessary problems later.

If a person died a violent death is a homicide, suicide, car accidents, accidents of all types (fire, utopanie, accident at work, etc.) or the cause of death is not known (for example, suddenly crashed and died), you need to call the police. Then perform forensic medical expertise in Riga this performs the state forensic medical centre of expertise on the street Hipokratu 2, next to the hospital "Gaļezers". After the examination of the issue of a medical certificate of death.

The death must be registered within 5 days. If the certificate of death issued in the hospital or in the center of forensic expertise, then it does not need to pay. If it issues a family physician, then you need to pay only for the doctor's visit.

Once done with this testimony and the passport of the deceased have to go to the division of vital records. It is in every parish and every city. In Riga the death registration of acts of civil status located on the street Aizsaules 1, near the cemetery, Raina.

If the passport of the deceased is faulty, for example, burned, torn, but in it you can see all the data, such as a valid passport. Sometimes there are situations when the passport of the deceased could not be found. In such a case, need to contact the Citizenship and Migration Department, indicating name, surname, date of birth, personal code and the declared place of residence.

Close must present their passport. In the department of civil status act will issue a death certificate. This is a very important document, which would be necessary in the case of inheritance, etc., so it must be kept with care;

A death certificate can be obtained either by the permanent place of residence of the deceased, or the place of death of loved ones. Than you can go to the office at the cemetery to put in order the question about awarding seats to the grave and to agree on a date and time (see the chapter on the awarding of the graves). When the tomb was awarded, you can adjust the remaining cases in preparation for the funeral, funeral services firms using or arranging the funeral.

Advice, before you submit the passport of the deceased, just in case, at least for the archival needs of the family, preferably his copy. Photocopy costs a few cents. There is in urban centres, in the villages of copy machines should be in each division or parish council. It is also desirable to copy documents that are issued by a medical certificate of cause of death.

The most important “foundation stones" of late, which are necessary to carry out the peace

  • keeping body, care (performs the funeral home or the home, relatives perform wash, dress-up and preparation of the deceased for a ceremony of mourning);
  • the ordering of all the necessary documents (certificate of family doctor, etc., terms and conditions of conversion of documents in order can be different in different places of Latvia, so it is advisable to contact a local government that you will inform about the package of all necessary action);
  • agreement with person who conducts the ceremony (she hires funeral home, funeral arranged, through the agency, in other cases, the departure is hired privately (certified) or simply competent and sensitive person who will hold the ceremony of the best motives, making your day)
  • cemetery-you need to contact the parish cemetery, to reserve a spot and start digging graves and a graveyard close;
  • If the deceased is transported from the church or in ceremony is planned priest, you must contact the church and to agree on further action;
  • there is a custom to arrange his funeral after a farewell ceremony. You must plan well and, if funds permit, you will need to agree on the venue, time, number of persons, on any amount of money. But also you can hold "funeral home", with a small feast (routinely treat cakes, slices of tender, sandwiches and something to drink alcoholic drinks often, but everyone needs to build on its capabilities and desires), because it does not "eat" your priority when parting with the family;
  • Depending on the situation, if possible, it is necessary to plan funeral vehicles for transportation of guests; overnight; need to order flowers; You must order a coffin or urn, if the deceased is cremated; you need to buy clothing for the deceased, a blanket for cover of a coffin; You must purchase a Christmas tree, and black and white ribbons for Christmas trees and bracelets for those who bear the coffin; need to order cross.

If you are the organizer of a farewell ceremony with the deceased, do so, as your heart sais, so that later there was remorse, because only that is made with love, only it has value-and even when some "smart woman" or "perpetual critic" something you would indicate or condemn an action - "there was to be a branch of the Christmas tree""cross after instillation of the graves was not put in the sand right" etc, you'll know that did everything for conscience.

In each side of Latvia there are customs that come from the history, culture, each of us thinks and feels differently, so you'll never be able to arrange a farewell ceremony, which will be like. Everyone should remember that the farewell ceremony arranged for people who came to say goodbye, and to the deceased, to making it in the world in perpetuity, as he would have liked.

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