The death of the loved one

The death of the loved one always cause an unbalance, relatives are not aware of what to do in such a situation. Our funeral home will take care of moral support in the moment of major loss and professional aid related to transportation of remains to the morgue and further organization of funeral or cremation as well as funeral meal.

We will send a team to the provided address in order to convey remains to the morgue and explain following procedure in detail as soon as you inform us about particular occasion.

What to do in case of death?

If there is a dead one at home, there is no need for loud shouting and talking. You should close eyes of deceased one, cover all mirrors, TV and light a candle. Everything should be peaceful and silence – that is a mourning of the soul of deceased one.
Try to pray for the soul of deceased one – it is needed for him as well as for yourself. Hope that you will meet him in after-world. It will take some time until emotional balance will start to recover gradually.

After death of loved one, relatives must take care of many matters.
Make a call or visit us and you will get answers to all of your questions as regards the burial, transportation of deceased as well as management of documents and concluding an agreement (including dead non-citizens).

You will get practical help regarding funeral services:

  • transportation of remains from home to the morgue;
  • management of all documents;
  • all types of funeral accessories;
  • all types of transport, including transportation to CIS;
  • services of paramedic during the funeral;
  • agreements with single seniors;
  • home visit of an agent.


For more information please see a brochure.

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