Karals services

TWENTY-FOUR HOURS OFFICE. Full range of funeral services:

  • Qualified agent`s visit and order processing at client`s place in and outside Riga.
  • Transport services, transportation of the deceased (dead) from home or hospital to morgue twenty-four hours.
  • Processing of death documents: medical certificates, death certificates, processing of death allowance, pension SSIA, grave digging, grave reservation, ordering.
  • Funeral services (funeral, funeral ceremony).
  • Organization of cremation (cremation).
  • Funeral accessories:
    • Coffins: wooden, draped, sarcophagi - standard or on order.
    • Cremation, cremation urns.
    • Crosses, plates.
    • Covers, national blankets, candles, wreaths, ribbons, funeral accessories.
    • Coffin soldering, opening of zinc coffins.
  • We give the specialized transport for ceremonies (a Mercedes - a catafalque, buses for seeing off, etc.).
  • It is given all kinds church, taking into account creed, and civil ceremonies for farewell to the died person.
  • All morgue services: storage, embalmment, clothing for the deceased, make-up, sanitary processing of the deceased, clothing.
  • Determination of human death, documentary death cerificate, medical determination of death, death diagnosis.
  • Master of funeral ceremony - priests of all religious confessions at funeral.
  • Carriers` services at funeral.
  • Music at funeral (violin, organ, cell, flute, singer, orchestra).
  • Transportation of the died person abroad Latvia and a meeting of a cargo - 200 (airtransportation, a train), include itself a special coffin, registration of necessary documents, the subsequent funeral accessories and services.
  • We Offer people, whose relatives are based in the ground on territories of Latvia, the help in the organization of care by tombs, With the subsequent granting a photographic material as the report on the done work.
  • Agency "Karals" has entered new service for the population - creation of film, on a videocamera the terminal (the hopeless) patient at a life, at the request of relatives, for family archive andmemory about left to the world other the close person.
  • We Give the help, at the moment of carrying out of ceremony, the medical worker, the psychologist there Is an opportunity of granting of various banquet halls.
  • Granting of funeral services to needy inhabitants - free-of-charge (the state funeral grant)
  • As against other funeral bureaues, agency" Karals" has archive of burial places of lonely people. With the subsequent granting the information to distant relatives, friends, neighbours in a cemetery, sector, number of a place, enabling to look after a tomb.
  • For parents (needy), whose children were lost or have died as a result of illness, we render funeral services on credit.

Our services all over the Latvia.

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