Cargo 200

It sometimes happens that a person departs while he is away from home and there is need for retiree moving.

Agency “Karāls” experts will help in process organization of transporting the body and accompany them on the way. Burial office staff will arrange all the formalities and will make every effort to make your loved ones transfer as soon as possible.

The package includes:

  1. Gathering all the necessary documents (death certificate, a certificate of health inspection, etc.).
  2. Transport to the morgue maintenance provision, if needed including transit traffic.
  3. Special packing of funeral casket in zinc box and in wooden structures for transportation.
  4. Funeral casket delivery to the airport or train station.
  5. If necessary paperwork for crossing boards.
  6. Deceased host organization and other necessary activities.

Funeral agency "Karāls" also offers a full range of deceased host of services.

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