Price of cremation €280

For centuries urns have been a popular way to memorialize the dead, but they also have a wide variety of other uses. Urns are, in pottery terms, simply vases, and, like vases, they have been put to any number of uses besides the storing of ashes, the use for which, perhaps, urns are best known.

Urns designed for cremation ashes come in a wide variety of materials and styles. Urns can be made of wood, bronze, metal, marble, glass, or ceramic. Different materials, of course, are required for different memorial purposes. If they are to be buried, urns are usually made of bronze or some other metal. If they are to be displayed beautifully in a home or at a funeral, urns are often made of glass, wood, or ceramic. And if they are to be displayed outdoors – or as part of a columbarium, urns can be made of marble.



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