Our mission is to help you conduct your loved one in the last way, to express to him all your love. Our company are ready to listen to all your wishes and offer the best solution in each case.


The history of the company.

Funeral agency "Karāls" was one of the first funeral homes in Latvia and therefore has a great experience in this field. More than 21 years. This allows helping each who approach us.



Flexible services. Flexible prices.

Because each person is unique, farewell ceremony should be the same. Some families prefer a religious ceremony, others wish to highlight some of the things a particular aspect of a human being, for example, his hobby. No matter what it is you want, we'll make sure every detail was realized. If you're not sure, we will make a proposal to organize a farewell ceremony, will be happy to share ideas and help you implement them.
Given the economic situation, a funeral agency "Karāls" for low-income parents whose children were killed in accidents or died as a result of illness, provides funeral services in credit, as well as provide funeral services to the poor people for free (State funeral benefit).

"Karāls- support in difficult times!

No matter what you want, no matter what you need-we realise it, we are flexible!

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