500 €

Social package

The personal package includes following services:

  • processing death certificate in the registry office;
  • paperwork in VSSA for funeral grants (on request this benefit at the expense of funeral services);
  • paperwork for financial assistance in the case if the deceased did not work, did not get a pension, disability benefits or other financial assistance;
  • paperwork for grave digging, cemetery maintenance and tax payment, through the Office of the cemetery;
  • reservations for the day and time of the funeral.

Shuttle Service:

  • Ensuring catafalque to transfer deceased from the place of death to the mortuary (in a special package)
  • Transportation of the deceased from the mortuary to the grave in the cemetery or crematorium.

Coffin Carrying - Four professional coffin carriers. People who ensure (transportation of the deceased from the mortuary to the grave or crematorium); the lowering and burying

Funeral casket - A wooden casket, draped with a cloth (customer defines color the when ordering)

Funeral services - Shroud with the religion of the deceased, slippers deceased

Mortuary services - An experienced medical professional will provide storage and professional preparation of the deceased to burial in the 1-St city hospital.

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